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Patriot Forklifts provides companies with the flexibility to keep their forklift fleets running efficiently while keeping their bottomline low through affordable high-quality forklift for sale in Denver and online. Every state-of-the-art forklift purchased at Patriot Forklifts includes a 2-year standard warranty because we stand behind our material handling products 100 percent!

Why Patriot Forklifts?

Patriot Forklifts is commit to providing superior customer service and high-quality material handling equipment to companies across the U.S. With decades of industry experience, forklift experts are knowledgeable about the latest trends in material handling solutions and can provide personalized equipment suggestions to help improve your operations. We have everything from diesel to electric forklifts, and offer customization options to make our forklifts better suited to your specific needs.

High-Quality Forklift Available at Patriot Forklifts

All Patriot Forklifts’ models are design with high-quality materials to provide maximum efficiency, safety, and performance. Below are some of the forklifts available at our dealership in Denver, CO:


From its eye-catching exterior design to its powerful 10,000 lbs. lifting capacity, the 2022 Patriot FB45 Forklift can handle any job you throw at it while offering maximum comfort and efficiency. It also comes with solid pneumatic tires that provide both traction and stability on uneven or rough surfaces.


The 2022 Patriot FD50S Forklift is the perfect forklift for heavy-duty and industrial applications. This forklift has a lifting capacity of up to 11,000 lbs. Hence, its three stage mast allows it to lift materials 189” off the ground. It runs on a Cummins QSF2.8 diesel engine that provides owners with a low cost per hour of operation.


The 20222 Patriot FY60 Forklift has a lifting capacity of 13,500 pounds. Hence, it can be customize with air pneumatic or solid pneumatic tires depending on which is better suited for your work environment and applications. This forklift has a LPG engine and a lower running cost than other types of forklifts available on the market. 


The 2022 Patriot FY18 Forklift is an LPG-powered machine with a max lifting capacity of 3,500 lbs. Hence, this forklift will be a great addition to any warehouse fleet. It comes with 48” forks to allow for the safe transportation of different sized materials. 


If you are looking for equipment that is well suited for indoor use, check out the 2022 Patriot FB30 Forklift! This forklift has an electric engine that provides quiet and exhaust-free operation. Hence, this forklift is guaranteed to increase the efficiency of your indoor operations and comes with a standard two year warranty! 

Shop at Patriot Forklifts Now! 

Want to increase warehouse productivity in 2023? With its wide selection of new and ready-to-customize forklifts, Patriot Forklifts is here to help you improve your operations and increase profits. Hence, contact us today at (720) 798-0276 or browse available forklift units on our website!


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