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In 2023, buying electric forklifts equipment online will be one of the best ways for businesses to ensure the equipment they purchase will be a worthwhile investment. Patriot Forklifts’ entire inventory of electric forklifts are for sale online and our forklift experts are available to help your business find the best equipment for your operations.

Why Shop For Equipment Online?

Thanks to the recent e-commerce boom, purchasing warehouse equipment online has never been easier for business owners than it is now. Purchasing equipment online provides businesses with many benefits, including more time to research the types of forklifts available and compare models. It also allows companies to gain feedback from their teams about whether a specific unit matches their preferences and would be useful for their specific use cases. However, to ensure your equipment is reliable it is important to ensure you purchase from a trustworthy dealer! 

High-Quality Electric Forklifts For Sale Online

Patriot Forklifts has a long history of being a reliable warehouse equipment dealer. Our entire inventory is available to purchase online and in Denver, CO. Below is more information about our top electric forklifts for sale online in 2023:


The 2022 Patriot FB16S Forklift is a great machine for navigating warehouses due to its three wheel design. This electric forklift has a maximum capacity of 3,200 lbs, and comes with 48 inches forks. Hence, its durable solid pneumatic tires can safely operate on uneven surfaces. 


This three-wheel electric forklift has a maximum lifting capacity of 3,500 lbs, a max height of 130 inches, and solid pneumatic tires that will provide the operator with a smooth ride. Hence, the 2022 Patriot FB18S is great for navigating tight spaces. It has a superior turn radius due to its three wheel design.


The 2022 Patriot FB30 Forklift has a max lifting capacity of 6,000 lbs. It comes with air pneumatic tires that can be upgraded to solid pneumatic tires to provide greater traction. Hence, this forklift is guaranteed to increase the efficiency of your operations and comes with a standard two year warranty! 


One of Patriot Forklifts’ top electric forklifts for sale online is the 2022 Patriot FB45 Forklift! With a maximum lifting capacity of 10,000 lbs and solid pneumatic tires, this forklift is the real deal and very versatile. Hence, finance this forklift today only at Patriot Forklifts!


The 2022 Patriot FB50 Forklift has a max lifting capacity of 11,000 lbs, making it ideal for heavy-duty to rigorous lifting tasks. Hence, this electric forklift has a two stage mast and durable, solid pneumatic tires. It provide better stability and traction when transporting loads than other types of tires.

Purchase An Electric Forklift Online Now!

If your company plans to purchase a forklift in 2023, don’t forget that Patriot Forklifts is the best source for electric forklifts for sale online! We have a wide selection of forklifts suitable for use in a variety of industries. Hence, we can customize any unit to make it better suited to your operations. Contact us today at (720) 798-0276 or browse our catalog of available forklifts online now!


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